Where Health Starts


Health starts at home, where we begin and end our day. A healthy home is one in which we feel safe and supported. Time spent with family and friends sharing meals, stories, and forming bonds all contribute to a healthy home. The healthy habits that we form at home are carried with us to school, work, and in our communities.


Health starts with schools, where children spend the majority of their days. Schools provide the educational foundation for children to succeed. In healthy schools, children are supported by a positive learning environment in which they feel safe and inspired to learn. Healthy food is served for breakfast and lunch, and children get to exercise and play every day. When students are healthy and feel supported and safe at school, they perform better academically, and make a strong start toward a successful future.


Health starts in neighborhoods, where we live and play. Healthy neighborhoods have sidewalks and bike lanes for people to walk, run, and bike. There is healthy, affordable food available at nearby stores, and parks for children to play. People help each other out, and feel safe from crime and violence.


Health starts in our workplaces, with a meaningful sense of purpose at work. Healthy workplaces promote and support healthy choices. People are safe from occupational hazards, and receive sustainable wages. There are healthy food options in vending machines, cafeterias, and at meetings and gatherings. Work environments are tobacco-free, and support the well-being of the workers. When people feel valued and respected with their jobs and work in safe, healthy environments, people are more productive and committed to their jobs.

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