Healthy Beverage Policy

The Make TODAY Count! campaign is encouraging local businesses and organizations to adopt healthy beverage policies that help staff and clients decrease sugary drink consumption. By adopting healthy beverage policies, local agencies can be role models for our children and set a positive example for our community.

A healthy beverage policy ensures that all beverages provided by an agency to their staff and clients are healthy, and that water is freely available at all times.

Agencies that have adopted the policy include:

How it Works:

1. Write a Healthy Beverage Policy for your organization

All policies must include the following criteria:

  1. Ensure that no sugary drinks are provided by the organization for meetings, sponsored lunches, or community events.
  2. Ensure that water is freely available on the premises including in break areas, at meetings, atorganization sponsored lunches, and at community events.
  3. Communicate the policy to staff via email and/or staff meeting, repeatedly.

Optional items for policy:
• Have a “wellness team” to help implement the policy.
• Ensure that vending machines contain at least 50% healthy drink options.
• Promote healthy beverage choices by making nutritional information, posters, and/or flyers
available to staff, clients, and volunteers.
• Distribute reusable water bottles to staff.
• Provide only healthy food and beverage options as prizes or giveaways to clients, employees, or event
Note: These additional options are only suggestions for your policy. Creativity is encouraged in defining your own culture of health!

2. Submit the policy to the North Colorado Health Alliance (

3. We will award your organization with an incentive check of $100 and community recognition for policies that include criteria 1-3. The incentive check must be spent on something wellness-related (i.e. a healthy lunch for staff, organization bike, reusable water bottles, etc.).

Beverage Standards

Healthy beverages that may be served include:

  • Water with no added sweeteners
  • Unflavored* non-fat or 1% cow’s milk with no added sweeteners
  • Unflavored* non-dairy milk alternatives with no added sweeteners
  • Fruit and/or vegetable-based drinks composed of no less than 100 % juice with a maximum of 8 ounces, 160 calories, and 230 mg of sodium per container and no added sweeteners
  • Coffee and tea with no added sweetener
  • Water with sliced fruit and herbs (and no added sweeteners)
  • Fruit Sparklers: Plain sparkling water with a splash of 100% fruit juice

*Flavored milk and flavored non-dairy milk alternatives (e.g., chocolate, strawberry and vanilla) are not acceptable.

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