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Students, parents to celebrate National Bike to School Day this week
Greeley Tribune | May 2, 2016
Watch out for little bikers. Ten Weld County elementary schools will join nearly 100 statewide in celebrating National Bike to School Day on Wednesday. Students from McAuliffe, Centennial, Meeker, Dos Rios and Jackson elementary schools in Greeley, along with students from Platteville Elementary, Butler Elementary, Milliken Elementary and Pete Mirich Elementary and Greeley’s Chappelow K-8 will be walking and biking to work with parents, teachers and community leaders, according to a Weld County news release.

Greeley Community Garden Tour Shows off Fresh Veggies
Greeley Tribune | August 30, 2015
Sunday’s pelting sun didn’t keep some Greeley residents from sipping on agua frescas and munching on mushroom fritters to help local gardens.Greeley’s third annual community garden tour was Sunday afternoon. Organizers hope to raise awareness about — and a little bit of money for — the gardens.

Tavern at St. Michael’s Square Executive Chef to Offer Presentation at Greeley Farmers’
Market on Saturday

Greeley Tribune | June 4, 2015
The Weld County community health campaign Make TODAY Count! will host a cooking demonstration at the Greeley Farmers’ Market on Saturday. Executive Chef Chad Young from the Tavern at St. Michael’s Square, 2918 67th Ave. in Greeley, will prepare two dishes from local produce, including mushroom ceviche and honey-glazed beets, according to a news release from the campaign.

5 Tricks to Losing Weight by Reorganizing your Kitchen 
Greeley Tribune | March 28, 2015
Trying to lose weight? A kitchen makeover may be the first step you need to take. Your everyday surroundings can have a big impact on what foods you eat and how often you eat. Research shows that people who keep a box of breakfast cereal visible on their kitchen counter weigh about 20 pounds more than those who don’t. And if you enter your house through your kitchen door, you will weigh more than people who come home through their front door.

Greeley Tribune | March 18, 2015
New participants can enroll in the program at or at any of the 66 kiosks located throughout the state. Kiosk locations can be found at At the end of the program’s fourth year, Kaiser Permanente’s weight management program saw an increase of 15,000 participants.

Fitting Exercise into your Busy Schedule
Greeley Tribune | February 22, 2015
We’ve all heard the benefits of regular exercise — weight loss, disease prevention, improved mood, better sleep, etc. While most of us know that we should exercise every day, it can feel impossible to find the time to fit it into our busy schedules. Sometimes 24 hours a day doesn’t seem like enough to fit in work, family, school, shopping, and all of our other priorities.

Greeley Farmers Market to feature cooking demonstration Saturday
Greeley Tribune | January 22, 2015
Organizers of “Make Today Count,” a Weld County community health campaign, are hosting a cooking demonstration Saturday at the Greeley Winter Farmers Market.Carlo Pellegrini, owner of Pellegrini’s Ristorante Italiano, will prepare Italian-themed dishes using fresh produce from the market.

Greeley Chef Serves Gourmet Dishes Made With Local Produce
Greeley Tribune | January 10, 2015
A crowd of people pressed in, eager to see chef Chad Young on Saturday morning as he began sautéing white button mushrooms over an open flame. The savory aroma and light sizzle of hot oil soaking into the mushrooms brought smiles to the visitors.Young prepared an array of dishes at the Winter Farmers’ Market, 1100 10th St., at the Make TODAY! Count stand, including the white button mushrooms cooked with shallots, garlic and a splash of Fat Tire beer. Brussels sprouts and balsamic kale salad also made the cut, allowing some skeptical visitors to try locally grown vegetables used in recipes created to surprise

Greeley Winter Farmers’ Market to hold cooking demonstration on Saturday
Greeley Tribune | January 7, 2015
Farmers’ Market on Saturday will play host to a cooking demonstration, switching it up by serving visitors gourmet food on plates. Executive Chef Chad Young from the Tavern at St. Michael’s Square, 2918 67th Ave., will prepare two dishes from local produce, including fresh white button mushrooms grown in Kersey. The Farmers’ Market is open from 9 a.m.-noon and at 1100 8th Ave. Visitors also can explore a variety of vendors providing local meats, baked goods, jams, jellies, spices, produce, and local arts and crafts.

Students, NCHA Work to Beautify a Side of the Star Theatre With Mural
Fort Lupton Press | October 14, 2014
Following a summer when Fort Lupton residents saw the historic Star Theatre’s façade receive a much-needed facelift, a Weld County community health campaign — with the help of area students — has helped spruce up the joint even more. Student volunteers from three Fort Lupton schools assisted a Fort Lupton artist in painting a mural Oct. 5 and 6 on the north wall of the revamped Star Theatre on Denver Avenue. The project was sponsored by Make TODAY Count!, a campaign under the aus-pices of the North Colorado Health Alliance that is aimed at strengthening communities through healthy and active living.

Photo Story: Walking to Meeker Elementary in Greeley
Greeley Tribune | October 8, 2014
Isis Fries, 10, and Sydnee Powell, 8, take on the incoming crowd of kids at Meeker Elementary School in Greeley who participated in Walk to School Day on Wednesday. The girls had students sign in and answered any questions that were asked.

Greeley-Evans School District 6 elementary schools participating in Walk to School Day on Wednesday
Greeley Tribune | October 7, 2014
More students than usual will walk to school Wednesday as 12 Weld County elementary schools participate in International Walk to School Day.Centennial, Chappelow, Madison, Meeker, Ann K. Heiman, Shawsheen, McAuliffe, Jackson, Dos Rios, Billie Martinez, Gilcrest and Pete Mirich (LaSalle) schools will have students walking and biking to school with parents, teachers and community leaders, according to a news release from Make TODAY Count!

Photo Story: Six Greeley Locations Show Off Community Gardens During Sunday Tour
Greeley Tribune | September 7, 2014
Six Greeley gardens were featured in the Make TODAY Count! community health campaign’s Community Garden Tour on Sunday afternoon. About 75 people purchased tickets for the event, which ran from 3:30-6:30 p.m. Fresh food tailored for each garden was prepared by local chefs. Participating gardens in the tour included the Weld Food Bank Community Garden, the Clay Center of Northern Colorado Community Garden, The Children’s Garden, the Community Garden at West Greeley Baptist Church, Ubuntu Family of Christ Presbyterian Community Garden, and Connections for Independent Living Community Garden. All proceeds from the event will support ongoing community garden efforts.

Greeley Farmers’ Market + Kids Zone
Greeley Unexpected 
2014 marks the 22nd year for the Greeley Farmers’ Market. The Market is a great venue for both vendors and customers. Vendors offer a wide variety of locally grown and produced food products including in-season fresh produce, smeats, honey, breads and other baked goods, roasted chilies, and more along with great items from local artisans and crafters.

Mural Adjacent to the City of Evans Park Adds Color, Character.
Greeley Tribune | August 24, 2014
The City of Evans Park just got a bit more colorful. A mural designed by Delilah Fiechter and painted by about 15 volunteers in coordination with the Colorado Health was undergoing its final touches Sunday afternoon on the side of a storage building at 40th Street and Golden Street. Fiechter, who is a part of the Greeley Arts Association and normally paints only with watercolors, said she had helped out with a few interior murals at churches before, so she didn’t hesitate much when asked to put this one together. She said when she found out the mural would be at a park, she immediately knew she wanted to do an aquarium theme.

Community Mural Project to be Held in Evans this Weekend
Greeley Tribune | August 21, 2014
The Weld County community health campaign — Make TODAY Count! — is sponsoring a community mural project in Evans from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. A group of 15 volunteers from the community will paint the mural on a storage building at 40th Street and Golden Street, near the City of Evans Park. The Make TODAY Count! campaign is a three-year effort to build a stronger and healthier community. Mural projects have historically been used as a vehicle for education and cultural expression and can play a key role in building a healthy community.

Little Free Library Celebration on Wednesday
Greeley Tribune | July 1, 2014
The Weld County community health campaign Make TODAY Count! is hosting a Little Free Library celebration at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday at Ubuntu Community Gardens & Orchards, 2410 35th Ave. in Greeley. Little Free Libraries are part of a community movement that has spread throughout the United States providing a “take a book, return a book” gathering place where neighbors share their favorite books and stories.

Weld County Health Campaign Underway to Reduce Child Obesity
Greeley Tribune | June 8, 2014
One in four Colorado children suffer from obesity but a Weld County campaign is trying to do something about it by getting kids to give up sugary drinks and exercise more. Make TODAY Count! is an effort by the North Colorado Health Alliance to increase healthy eating and overall well being by encouraging kids to drink water instead of sodas or juice and add an hour of exercise to their day.

Community Mural Project on 8th Ave. & 22nd St. With Greeley High School Students
Greeley Unexpected | May 10, 2014
There is a new community mural going up in Greeley at 8th Avenue and 22nd Street (on the side of Botanica Ciudad De Las Brujas) thanks to the Make TODAY Count! campaign and students at Greeley West High School.

Greeley schools to participate in International Walk to School Day
Greeley Tribune | October 7, 2013
Meeker and Shawsheen elementary schools will celebrate International Walk to School Day on Wednesday as approximately 300 students will walk or bike to school with parents, teachers and community leaders.Special activities are planned that include welcoming walkers and bikers to school with balloons, music and special prizes, and classes will compete for the highest participation.

Meeker Students Exercise on the Way to School
Greeley Tribune | October 9, 2013
Third-grader Austin Merriman, Third Grader Delilah Rodriguez, Kindergartner Kaylen Merriman, Kindergartner Elizabeth Merriman and Second Grader Xander Selby prepare to sign the walk to school/bike to school banner. Meeker Elementary students lined up outside the school Wednesday morning, excitedly talking with friends or straining to see the table they were waiting to get to. They were being rewarded for walking or biking to school. The idea to get as many kids as possible to school on foot started when district wellness specialist Rachel Hurshman sent an email inviting any school in Greeley-Evans School District 6 to rally their students for the event.

Poor in Greeley, Evans Have Hard Time Staying Fit, Healthy
Greeley Tribune | October 6, 2013
Rocio Miramontes parks her car in The Pines apartment complex on a hot summer afternoon. A half-mile away rests a series of units that the police visit so often, the kids who live at the Pines don’t want to go near them. Rocio knows all about them and she’s a 20-year-old woman jumpy enough that vacant lots scare her because of the possibility of snakes resting in the tall grass.Yet she begins her walk toward the neighborhoods that surround John Evans Middle School. Her air-conditioned, safe car calls to her, but she needs to walk.

Poor Diet Main Reason Impoverished in Greeley, Evans Unhealthy
Greeley Tribune | October 6, 2013
From the center of The Pines, just a few yards from the playground that draws children like ants to a sugar cube, a dirt path leads to a barren field.
You could call the path a trail, since it looks as worn as some of the paths used by hikers up 14ers. But it fades as it cuts through the field, and by the time it approaches the busy street that divides the apartment complex from the Greeley Mall, it vanishes under your feet. The walk to nowhere makes Rocio Miramontes sad. The North Colorado Health Alliance hired her as a part of its community care corps to help residents of those neighborhoods get healthy. It’s her job to find resources the poorer residents could use.

Cycling Event Hopes to Promote Healthy Living
Greeley Tribune | July 30, 2013
The turnout was light but the passion for cycling was strong during a Tuesday event to promote healthy living in Greeley. The Critical Mass Bike Ride invited members of the community to come out, ride their bikes and have a good time being healthy while also promoting this alternative mode of transportation.

Critical Mass Bike Ride Set for Tuesday
Greeley Tribune | July 28, 2013
The Weld County community health campaign, “Make TODAY Count!,” announced its second critical mass bike ride of the summer. The ride is open to the public and will begin at 11 a.m. Tuesday at the Greeley Farmers Market, 902 7th Ave. The goals of the critical mass rides are to draw attention to the benefits of bike riding, heighten awareness throughout the community of bicycle connections and safe routes, and bring public attention to areas still in need of improvement, according to North Colorado Health Alliance officials.

Weld County’s Bike to Work Organizers Look to Local Employers to Encourage Participants
Greeley Tribune | June 22, 2013
Organizers of Bike to Work Day in Weld County have focused this year on reaching out to employers in the hopes that they, too, can inspire residents to dig in their garages and dust off their bicycles this summer. From 6-8:30 a.m. Wednesday, local agencies will be at eight stops in Greeley, two in Evans and one in Windsor with prizes and free breakfast to lure employees into riding their bikes to work. Wendy Polulech, coordinator for the event and a wellness specialist at North Colorado Medical Center, said company-based bike to work competitions and other incentives for healthy living are picking up steam.

Weld County Water Workshop to be Held Today
Greeley Tribune | July 16, 2013
A local campaign to encourage the use of efficient watering techniques in Weld County will host a free community water night from 6-8 p.m. today. It will take place at the Ubuntu Community Gardens and Orchard at the Family of Christ Presbyterian Church, 2410 35th Ave. in Greeley. The event will be centered around efficient gardening techniques, sustainable water practices and the importance of water in Weld County and the U.S. A master gardener from CSU’s extension program will lead a discussion on proper irrigation systems, drip systems and all things water.

Greeley Hosts Bike Ride to Promote Healthy Living
Greeley Tribune | June 11, 2013
A health improvement initiative had 13 bicyclists ready to ride in Greeley on Tuesday. With a collective snap of helmet buckles, riders for the “Make Today Count” event pedaled from the Greeley Train Depot into the hot afternoon sunshine.It was an opportunity for riders to view the parks of Greeley and also get a glimpse of any needed improvements as they road from the depot to the Rodarte Community Center garden. Weld Public Health spokesman Eric Aakko, who helped organize the event with other Greeley community health organization partners, said the purpose of the ride was leisurely fun that will encourage others to go out into the Greeley community and enjoy what it has to offer.

$500K Grant Will Help Northern Colorado Group Deliver Health Care
Greeley Tribune | May 31, 2013
An organization called the Community Care Corps will be launched this month to help northern Colorado residents address barriers to receiving health care. Thanks to a $500,000 grant from the Colorado Health Foundation, the group will be comprised of neighborhood-sourced health workers throughout the region, and the work will be organized by the North Colorado Health Alliance.

New Workforce Will Connect Northern Colorado Residents to Stronger, Healthier Communities
Greeley Tribune | May 30, 2013
GREELEY/EVANS, CO. – The North Colorado Health Alliance today announced the formation and deployment of a Community Care Corps of neighborhood-sourced health workers in northern Colorado. This new workforce will help residents identify and address economic, environmental, and social barriers to health in the community. With this Community Care Corps, supported by a $500,000 grant from the Colorado Health Foundation, NCHA aims to turn up the volume on a Make TODAY Count! community health campaign uniting public and private interests in a synchronized collaborative effort to make Weld County and Northern Colorado the healthiest region in the healthiest state by 2020.

North Colorado Health Alliance Looking for Name, Logo Submission
Greeley Tribune | March 19, 2013
The North Colorado Health Alliance is looking for a name and logo for its three-year community health campaign. The winner of the public contest will receive and iPad Mini. The campaign, which received grants from Kaiser Permanente and The Colorado Health Foundation, is scheduled to launch in June and will address active living in healthy eating at home, at school, and in the workplace.

Weld County Community Health Campaign Launched
Greeley Tribune | January 31, 2013
GREELEY – The North Colorado Health Alliance Thursday announced the launch of a three-year community health campaign, supported by a $750,000 grant from the Kaiser Permanente Community Health Fund. The Weld County Community Health Campaign will work to improve the nutrition, physical activity and social and emotional wellness of residents of Weld County.The launch of the campaign follows a two-year community assessment led by the Weld County Department of Public Health and Environment and other partners. The study was recommended by the Public Health Act of 2008.

Kaiser Permanente Awards $750,000 Grant to Weld
Kaiser Permanente News Center | January 31, 2013
Weld County officials are taking on the challenge of a health care crisis with the help of a $750,000 grant.Kaiser Permanente on Thursday announced the grant to the North Colorado Health Alliance to help kick off a health campaign for the next three years. It will launch in June with ambitious goals of reaching throughout the county to get people off the couch, eating more fruits and veggies, de-stressing and just moving.They plan to do it through community outreach from recurring messages on the television or radio, or billboards, or working in tandem with existing school programs, all with quarterly updates on the community’s progress.